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Guidelines videos

2 videos about Introduction to ORPHAcoding guidelines and ORPHAcoding undiagnosed patients guidelines are available!

General Public Report available

Final RD-CODE deliveries

We are happy to announce that we have delivered all the expected deliverables listed below (N.B. EC approval ongoing) D1.2 Internal newsletter WP1 Page D2.2 Multistakeholders Workshop reports WP2 Page D2.3 Dissemination report WP2 Page D2.5 Final Leaflet WP2 Page D2.6 Layman version of the executive summary of the final report WP2 page D3.2 Final…
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Visibility to undiagnosed patients

To tackle the issue of coding undiagnosed patients’ a collection of existing experiences of coding of undiagnosed or suspected RD patients has been produced, a guidelines proposal has been issued as well as a consensus document on codification of suspected/undiagnosed rare diseases in December 2020, an updated version of this document has been released on…
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Final Multistakeholder Workshop

The second and Final Multistakeholder Workshop was held virtually on the 29 and 30 November 2021, and was organised by CIBER. It gathered 77 participants including all project partners as well as ERNs, EUHA and ECHO representatives. The objectives of this Workshop were multiple : learning about the final outcomes of ORPHAcodes implementation in the 4…
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RD-CODE Workshop in Malta

The workshop took place on 24 and 27 November 2020. It gathered 36 participants from Malta and 5speakers. Representative from the 16 Mater Dei Clinical departments were present as well asgovernment representatives, all Directorate for Health Information & Research (DHIR) Registriesmanagers and Hospital Information Systems specialist and several consultants (detailed participantslist in page 9).Initially this…
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Updated document « Specification and implementation manual of the Master file for statistical reporting with ORPHAcodes » available

The document « Specification and implementation manual of the Master file for statistical reporting with ORPHAcodes » has been updated and is available here, together with the new release of the Master-file.