Workpackage 2-Dissemination

Within this Workpackage* are the actions undertaken to ensure that the results and deliverables of the project will be made available to the target groups. A ‘Kick off ‘ leaflet promoting the project is available here.

Engagement of the stakeholders via an early consultation exercise to assess their needs, in order for the material developed to be effective and useful. Moreover, an assessment of the satisfaction with produced materials will be carried out and suggestions for improvements will be sought.

Multi-stakeholder workshops will be organised in order to ensure productive cooperation between the different stakeholders. Collaborative methods will be used.


Multistakeholder workshop 1
May 2020PragueProject progress reports, roundtablesExecutive summary, report and slides available here

Multistakeholder workshop 2
TBDValencia Project progress reports, roundtables More info soon

WP leader: Inserm

Participants: CIBERER and IHIS

*European projects can be divided into “work packages” (WP). A work package can be thought of as a sub-project, which, when combined with other work packages, form the completed project.